Feta, roasted red pepper and sun-dried tomato stuffed chicken breasts

How was your 4th of July holiday? Luckily we escaped the showers and had another amazing day by the pool; and now I’m lucky enough to be celebrating my wedding anniversary at a weekend getaway in Cape Cod. Definitely a fantastic holiday weekend!

Before taking off for the holidays, earlier in the week I had a private custom lesson with a client who was afraid to cook chicken at home (he only tried it once and due to the fear of undercooking it, he kept it on the stove top for way too long… which of course resulted in nearly inedible chicken hockey pucks!). I was happy to help! We not only cooked perfectly moist chicken breasts with the assistance of a thin coating of  whole wheat flour and a meat thermometer, but made them a bit more special by stuffing them with feta, roasted red peppers and sun-dried tomatoes. We then put them over the top with a beautiful white wine sauce and served them over garlicky whole wheat couscous and roasted asparagus. What a meal!

Printable recipe

Do you have any kitchen fears I can help with? Comment below and I may feature a post around it (or book a lesson with me for in-person coaching). In the meantime, whether you’re afraid of cooking chicken or not – try this recipe. It’s quite simple and incredibly impressive. No one will know this dish is light! 😀



  1. ATasteOfMadness says:

    I used to be afraid of making croissants because I remember when I was a kid, my dad tried on numerous occasions to make them, but failed everytime. But I just made them the other day, and they turned out perfectly! So I will look for a new kitchen fear…

    • elina says:

      So cool! Making croissants was actually on my list last year but I never got around to it. I need to plan a whole (brunch) party around it since I don’t think a dozen croissants in the house is a healthy thing 😉 Yay for conquering kitchen fears!

  2. Joanne says:

    That stuffing sounds crazy delicious! I love feta however I can get it.

  3. Shannon says:

    oh wow, that sounds incredible!!

  4. Kathy Steger @FoodWineThyme says:

    I think I just got an inspiration for tonights dinner. :) YUMM