Freezer friendly black bean and corn burritos

Sorry for the crazy long hiatus here on the Satisfied Cravings blog. Business really picked up (yay) and I’ve been working hard on testing and retesting recipes specifically for my clients, which left little time for extra-curricular activities :) I’m going to get better at showing up here, though, I promise! If there are special requests for recipes or questions, feel free to email me at and I’ll try to feature a post around it.

So, whether it’s work, family or play, we all get busy from time to time which leaves little time for elaborate (or heck – any) homemade meals. Yes even as a cooking coach I often struggle with motivation to dirty up yet another dish (after doing 2-3 batches of dishes already!) and preparing something from scratch after a long day.

My solution? Preparing my meal ahead of time!

One of the reasons I love cooking is because I can tailor the dishes to my taste preferences and I get to control exactly what goes into my food. Delivery is often way too greasy to make me feel good about what I’m putting into my body and store-bought frozen meals are full of preservatives and other ingredients that make the dishes sound like a science experiment rather than real food. So why not prepare your own on a weekend or a slower weeknight and have meals at the ready for weeks, even months to come? I find this process kind of meditative as you scoop and wrap each burrito, but you can even make a burrito making party out of it and get the help from your kids or spouse!

This particular recipe was inspired by Martha Stewart’s, but I amped up the spices and played with the ratios. I cooked my black beans in the crock-pot the night before but feel free to use canned beans if you don’t want this to become a multi-day project.

The resulting burritos were incredibly tasty (and even portable) little packages of rice, beans and spice (they are not spicy – a little smokey and definitely flavorful). You can add shredded chicken to them but we didn’t miss the meat! Also, I loved finishing them up in the oven to get that crispy exterior and a gooey interior. Delicious! These babies have been saving me for the last few weeks.

Printable recipe

Hope you try these soon and let me know how you liked them! 😀

Guess what I’m having for lunch today? 😉


  1. inna says:

    these look insanely good. i love the idea of making the beans in the crockpot too :)

  2. Kerstin says:

    Ah, I just made a bunch of freezer meals with my mom in preparation for the arrival of our little one :) These look very tasty!

    • elina says:

      I originally made these to bring to Lizzy after she gave birth (which I did) but the leftovers have been serving us well. What kind of things did you make? Will you blog about this? I’m always looking for new freezer meal ideas!

  3. Daisy says:

    these look incredible! I will definitely be making them. glad to hear business is doing well :)

  4. Shannon says:

    These were delicious!! so glad you had some in your freezer for us, and i need to make them for mine soon :)