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Elina facilitated a cooking party lesson for a group of my friends at my house. She worked with me to create a custom menu based on ingredients my friends and I were interested in learning to use. Elina is very knowledgeable and showed us several little kitchen tricks that you will not find in cookbooks or online. The meal we created was delicious and completely outside my comfort zone of flavor profiles.  I felt good eating it and I know I will be making it again very soon. Thanks, Elina! -Mary Kate P.
Mary Kate P.
I really enjoyed taking a cooking class from Elina because she introduced me to recipes that are easy to make, include many of the ingredients that I already buy, and took into consideration my grocery budget.

I loved that the class was completely hands-on; Elina demonstrated when necessary but generally let me take the reigns as we made the meal step-by-step. Elina was great at answering all my questions and providing helpful tips along the way. She even had creative advice about how to deal with a small kitchen and hints to use everyday kitchen objects if you’re someone like me without the fancy gear.

I definitely recommend her classes to anyone looking for a friendly and knowledgeable cooking coach!

Liz L.
Before our lesson, Elina sent me a comprehensive survey that was aimed at addressing my specific cooking needs. She quickly determined that I needed something fast and something easy, a base from which to build better recipes and a stress-free mentality about cooking. From my responses to the survey, she came up with a custom menu for our first session: chicken piccata with whole-wheat orzo and roasted asparagus, with a side dish of white bean dip and toasted pitas. At first read, it seemed totally complicated but completely delicious, so I was game to give it a try.

During our lesson, Elina offered guidance, advice, and tips on how to create a healthy and simple dinner, both on a budget and on a tight time schedule. In the end, together we made a fantastic meal that didn’t stress me out, didn’t eat up enormous amounts of my time, and that I could easily replicate on my own at home. More so, I left the session feeling like I could face my next meal without fear of laziness or a lack of creativity.

Elina makes an excellent coach, one that I will be sure to recommend to my friends and acquaintances.

Tiffany A.