Below you may find some frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please email elina@satisfiedcravings.com or call 857-244-0682.

How do you define “healthy?”

Healthy is definitely a relative term. If you have specific instructions from your doctor or are following a structured diet plan, we will create meals based on these needs. In general, we will prepare dishes that will focus on whole grains, fruits and vegetables, leaner cuts of meat and lower fat dairy. We will always use humanely raised meats and where appropriate, organic and local produce and pantry staples.

So I pay you to make my own meals?

Yes, yes you do. Have you ever watched a cooking show or taken a cooking class where the instructor made it look easy, only to try to make it yourself and get frustrated with the process? I want you to not only leave our meeting with a delicious meal in tow, but to have the confidence to recreate it again and again on your own (although I’ll be available by phone or email if you need my guidance). It’s about improving your cooking skills and getting empowered in the kitchen! And that means you have to do a little work yourself…

What if we don’t like the dish?

I will never teach you how to make a dish that I and my testers (aka husband, friends + family) haven’t enjoyed. However, it is possible that despite this – you may not care for a particular dish. You may not be used to specific ingredients (for example brown rice may taste too strange if you always eat white) and your taste buds may require a little healthy training (it will come with time); or you simply may not be a fan of certain flavor combinations. We will always talk about modifications you may make to the recipe next time that should be more to your liking, and will try to get precise about what you did not enjoy in order to avoid another disappointment in the future. Unfortunately due to the nature of what we do, I will be unable to provide you with a refund.

What are some of your favorite kitchen gadgets and appliances?

I think great tools make for a much more pleasurable (and speedy) cooking experience. Here are some of my favorites (disclaimer: if you use the below links, I will get a very small commission. The price you pay will still be the same. These are real tools and gadgets I use in my kitchen and love. Sign up for a class and see for youself 😉 )

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