Sample Menu

Below you’ll find just a few two-course meals that were created for private couples cooking lessons (this service is currently unavailable). For private cooking parties, the menus are bigger and better (we make at least 4 different components for a big feast)! Prior to each party, we will agree on a custom menu that will address your taste preferences and healthy cooking goals.


Main course: better-than take-out tofu, broccoli, peppers and cashews stir-fry

Dessert: chocolate almond cherry clusters



Appetizer: white bean dip

Main course: chicken picatta over a bed of spinach and orzo



Main course: oven fried chicken with roasted carrot “fries”

Dessert: cherry chocolate oatmeal cookies



Lunch: basil coconut mussels with garlic bread

Dinner: “fried” rice with rotisserie chicken, edamame, peppers and green beans



Lunch: on days when dinner is a little more timing consuming, we’ll assemble a super quick (but fun!) big salad, like the chicken, grape, goat cheese and walnut salad below

Dinner: truffle mac & cheese



Hungry for more?

Contact me for your next party and I’ll send even more delicious meal ideas your way!